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DragonSoul is an asian PvP/PvE MMORPG game with an interesting long story
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DragonSoul is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) inspired by Asian mythology. Players choose from eight kingdoms and four classes, and the social system gives them the opportunity to become kings, generals and advisers of the king. After you make an account and log on, you need to choose a character to play and then customize it by choosing the hair style, face, avatar and kingdom.

The game offers more than 1,000 missions (quests) and a political system designed to turn the player against other players. Most of the gameplay revolves around accomplishing these missions along with a significant amount of grinding. Beside questing in DragonSoul you can do PvP battles and instances. You have 4 different instances (for level 35+, 55+, 65+ and 75+) from where you can get different gear with awesome stats from monsters and bosses. Character may reach the maximum level 100, ride a mount from level 1 and adopt a pet from level 5. Pets can be upgraded to get better stats and skills.

The unique feature of DragonSoul is that it allows you to become the leader of a guild and your faction. Based on votes given by other players, you can be elected to lead others in battle, form alliances with other guilds and create a royal suite.

DragonSoul uses a graphics engine specially developed for this game; it makes it possible to handle enormous battles between kingdoms in high-resolution 3D graphics.

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  • Good quests


  • Almost no solid structures (you can pass through trees and buildings)
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